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Tips to travel to Maldives and enjoy without ruining yourself

Tips to travel to Maldives and enjoy without ruining yourself

Can you travel to Maldives enjoying the islands in a cheap plan? The answer is yes. You can travel to the Maldives in an economic plan by taking Maldives tour package for couple. And most importantly, you can enjoy.

Maldives is the typical exuberant destination that comes to mind when you mention the word paradise:

· Thousands of fish,

· Turquoise waters,

· Nice remote islands,

· Divine fruits,

· Smiling islanders,

· Amazing marine life (blankets, dolphins, turtles, and even sharks),

· Authentic colored corals,

· Bright sun…

  Except these there are also many other destination which you can enjoy in Maldives.

Here are a few tricks to travel through Maldives in backpacking and make a low cost trip to a luxury destination using Maldives package holidays from India:

1. Choose flights

Obviously if you leave from India the flights are not cheap. Although there are always punctual offers with flights for about 400 Dollars round trip to Male. In fact, more and more large companies fly to the capital of Maldives; sometimes it is the airport of call to reach Asia. Watch out for cheap package holidays in Maldives.

2. Choose the accommodation

If you go to resort date by fucking. Prices are high and catering services, excursions and other extras too.

· Solution 1: Maafushi Island. Here are cheaper accommodations in small hotels and small guesthouses. Disadvantage: from what we have been told it is quite exploited.

· Solution 2: look for a local island of fishermen with small lodgings, nothing of great infrastructure or hotels built with the money of the great Arab powers. The prices will necessarily be lower and you will be alone on the beaches 

3. Choose the island

If prices are still high, try to find these islets with few local accommodations and contact them. Sometimes they are new openings and can leave prices much lower. So if you want go to Maldives, it is best to choose the best travel offer because using these offers you can enjoy the trip at very reasonable rates.

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